Jan Tops Tips 11-20

11. Sell your clutter on eBay

Take this quick test: You’re at home. Open a cupboard. Look inside. If it’s full of clothes you haven’t worn, or ‘good ideas at the time’ you haven’t used, for, let’s say, three years – you don’t need them. So why not sell them to someone else who does? For fans of the understatement: Ebay is quite well-known and popular now. The great thing is you really can flog any old garbage – for a commission. Tip: you may want to buy a few items first to build up your rating as a respectable eBayer before you start selling.
Income: Will depend on what’s in your cupboard

12. Use your talent to earn extra cash

If you’re not a pop star by the time you reach your 20s you’re probably never going to be. That’s probably just as well as the only way to pop stardom in 2013 is if Simon Cowell wants to marry you. But you may be able to use your talent as a guitarist to teach other wannabes the rudiments of the 12-bar blues.
Income: It’s not unreasonable to charge £20+ an hour

13. Do DIY

We’re a nation of obsessive DIYers and for around £100 you can take a course at your local adult education college to improve the skills needed to tackle most household repairs. If the college runs plumbing courses you could soon be on track to wiping out costly call-out charges and extra insurance policies once and for all. Remember to film yourself at work so that if it goes wrong you can sell the footage to Harry Hill (see link).
Saving: £100+

14. Shop around for the cheapest household insurance

Unless you drive – car insurance is mandatory – you don’t need insurance. But it’s strongly advisable, especially now so many people surf the internet while driving. And can you afford to foot the bill if your house burns down or his smashed up by a 4×4 driver playing Angry Birds, who flees the scene like a sparrow in a catapult? Probably not. There’s a multitude of rubbish on the internet and many highlights of previous years have faded into uselessness – but one of the lasting oases of online usefulness is being able to find cheaper insurance. You can compare hundreds of policies in minutes.

Saving: £100s

15. Don’t automatically renew annual travel insurance

If your annual holiday insurance policy is about to expire and you don’t have a holiday booked, DON’T renew the policy. You’re handing your money over to cover an eventuality that won’t happen. People do this! Don’t! You wouldn’t have car insurance if you didn’t own a car. Some people probably do, dagnabbit. But you definitely wouldn’t insure your pet giraffe if you didn’t have a giraffe. So don’t insure a holiday to the Serengeti you haven’t booked it. Simply restart the cover again the next time you book a trip.
Saving: £50

16. Choose cheaper breakdown insurance

The breakdown sector is dominated by big companies with short names such as the AA and RAC. But being towed home if your car breaks down is just another form of insurance like any other and there are scores of cheaper alternatives, some with names made up of actual words.
Saving: Up to £100 a year

17. Are you paying too much for your life insurance?

Ever since we started washing our hands, humans have been getting healthier. As a result we’re living longer – and the cost of insuring the unthinkable is getting cheaper all the time. If you were sold a policy when you took out or mortgage you may have been under too much stress to shop around. You could be missing a trick. We are not sure how life insurances can be affected if you claim benefits such as ESA (ESA Phone Number)
Saving: £100

18. Book early

Low-cost airlines are growing up. Easyjet lets you choose a seat. Norwegian is planning transatlantic flights for £300. Michael O’Leary, the boss of Ryanair, has even promised to be nice.  Just remember, only a few seats on each flight are sold at bargain-basement prices and once they’re sold, the prices rise. So book early.
Saving: £100

19. Book your own package

As High Street travel agents die out quicker than the ingredients of rhinoceros horn love tonic, it seems that we still love a good old package holiday. And why not? You just book online or by telephone. Easy life. By combining car hire with flights, the agents can often bring the costs down. You’re also protected, accommodated and flown home if you’re grounded because Iceland pulls another volcanic-ash-based PR stunt (everyone’s heard of now). But if you want to save money and your holiday consists of flights, accommodation, transfers and possibly car hire, then take this test. Order a brochure or get a quote from a leading holiday company and work out the price of your holiday including all the complicated supplements. Now go online and, starting with the flights, try to put the same package together.

20. Learn to say ‘no’

It’s easy to give in to the demands of a screaming child in a packed Poundland on a Saturday afternoon. ‘Get me that bottle opener! I want a bottle opener. I know it’s poorly made and won’t last more than seventeen and three-quarter minutes. But I’m six! I want one. It’s only a pound!’ Similarly, how often does a ‘swift half’ after work turn into a £151.12 drinking session? Saying ‘no’ a few times a year will do wonders for your bank account.

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