21. Go pre-taken care of cheaper illnesses

One of the most useful things about being ill, and let’s face the facts there aren’t many, is the fact NHS prescriptions cost only £7.85 per item. This is amazing value until you need, say, four prescriptions monthly. Four x £7.85 suddenly equals £31.40 or £376.80 per year.  But one of the most effective things about being that ill is always that you can cap the sum you pay using Prescription Prepayment Certificates (PPCs). You pay a set fee every three or 1 year and it covers your complete prescriptions over the period you’ve purchased. A three-month all-inclusive PPC costs £29.10 and for each year it’s £104, a saving of £270 around the four-item example. You can pay by direct debit. Time to learn your 7.85 times tables.
Savings: £100s.

23. Avoid expensive days / evenings out

Plenty of museums cost nothing. For those that aren’t, join Artfund, that offers access to 200-odd museums, historic houses, galleries and castles for just a small annual fee. Theatres aren’t free. But if yourr home is in London you can find half-price tickets for the West End theatres every single day at tkts. Better still, should you regularly step out in London join among the theatre clubs that fills empty theatres and concert halls for the QT from about £3 a ticket.
Saving: £100s


Provider     APR
1     Zopa     3.9%
2     HSBC     3.9%
3     M&S Bank     3.9%
4     Hitachi Finance     4%
4     Sainsbury’s Bank     4%

24. Beat the ticket touts

Ticket touts earn their living by letting hold of tickets that happen to be ‘otherwise unavailable’. You don’t stand an opportunity when promoters are handing tickets directly to them. But here’s some news: most tickets are around for everyone whenever they first go for sale. You just need to know after they go on discount sales. Simply register with for the free ticket alert newsletters in the ticket main agents to make sure that you’re first from the queue. And make sure you’ve shown interest in your favourite bands’ websites for your insider knowledge.
Saving: £100s

25. Don’t be a Bucket – or try to keep on top of the Joneses

Trying to maintain up appearances is often a costly illness. It’s called snobbism. A snob, says the dictionary, is somebody who ‘vulgarly admires or imitates someone of superior social position or wealth and appears down on those he considers inferior.’ Famous snobs range from the monstrous comic creation, Hyacinth Bucket. Don’t be a Bucket. Remember, you can not judge someone with what they have as you don’t know the direction they got it. weather you claiming ESA or earning £100,000 salary doesnt mean your better off. Chances are they’re in alot more debt than you are.
Saving: £1,000s

26. Trade down your car

So, you got an American sports utility vehicle (SUV) that nets 15 miles towards the gallon on impulse. Obviously we’ve very impressed – especially with the personalised number plate and how you can Tweet while negotiating narrow lanes outside schools. But can you honestly justify the continued expense? If not, eliminate it. Then check out a car supermarket, where you’ll be able to choose from countless cars at knock-down prices. If you’re a true money saver, consider an ex-rental model which you are able to pick up to get a fraction on the cost of another one.
Saving: £1,000s

27. Ask yourself: do I absolutely need this?

Imagine the scenario. It’s lunchtime and you’ve an hour to kill. You find yourself in the department store then there is a sale on. You acquire a beautifully packaged choice of barbecue tools, an antique-look cast-iron chimenea and associated garden paraphernalia. And it’s half price. Now, stop! Ask yourself: Do I absolutely need this? Exactly. You live inside a flat. It doesn’t actually have a back door. Put it down and disappear.
Saving: £100

28. Walk/cycle for the station/work

It the bit of hippie notion to numerous people however it is free.
Saving: £100

Savings accounts

29. Get off the station before your usual stop and walk

We could be creatures of habit but don’t you find it worth using the routine if it is costing over £50 30 days in unnecessary fares?
Saving: £100

30. Cut down your drinking

A few beers or wines after work several nights a week can be a financially debilitating scenario.
You no (sic) that. Hic.
Saving: £100s


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